If you want to search by MLS# or Property Address

Searching by Map is a great way to search for property in a given area.

Just remember when filling in search criteria: Less is more! The less restrictive you are the more properties will be found.

If you are not sure what you have selected and what you have not selected

Remember to CLEAR SEARCH

When you filled out what you are looking for, remember to click on SEARCH

If there are more things that you want to narrow your search Use the Advanced Search

Things like: LOT SIZE, Sq. Ft., and other interior or exterior features

The first thing that you will do is select the CLASS of property you are looking for:

FARMS are found in Residential (not Land).

When selecting a city or area, you can select more than one by holding down the CTRL key while selecting them with your mouse

Looking for FARMS?

Farms are found in the RESIDENTIAL TAB even if the farm is land only and has no home or outbuildings on them. So Check the FARM Box

Help Searching